PIM, Part 3: A product catalog for FinTech, banks and comparison engines

PIM, Part 2: Why do we need a Smart Product Catalog?

PIM, Part 1: What is a Smart Product Catalog (PIM) and what are its benefits

Tech Stack in OpenWise

How not to do microservices II

Performance Tuning

Cassandra DB

REDIS – Tips for Performance Tuning and Configuration

Our experience with Heroku

How not to do microservices

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Meetups & Training

We regularly organise various professional events and meetings on topics of interest to us. We invite and learn from experts from companies that are technologically at the cutting edge. Some events are mainly for people from OpenWise, but many events are public. Follow our calendar and let us know if you are interested in a topic.

Upcoming Events

Ansible & Keycloak FuckUps