Microservice Architecture

Microservice design. Distributed architecture. Kubernetes, OpenShift. Transactions, performance, high availability, security. Cloud.

We can build a whole microservice infrastructure from the ground up, or provide experienced specialists for your projects.


Filebeat, Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana. Distributed logging system, distributed document management and many other business scenarios.

For example, do you want to find out how to easily build DMS without migrating all historical documents to one place? Come and consult with us, we will show you how.

Principles of CI/CD

Do you want a development platform that automatically monitors the quality of the code, automatically builds new versions of software, tests them and deploys those with no errors?

We’ve done it many times. We will be pleased to help you with anything from consultation to building a complete turnkey CI/CD platform.


Integration design patterns, SOA, event-driven architecture, domain-driven design. Messaging, BPM, microservices. B2B communication, API gateway. Monitoring, performance, security.

Different clients require different approaches. We see the whole picture and can recommend the most suitable option for your needs.

We master technologies


It’s always about people

For us, competency not only means that we know about the topic and have some book knowledge about it. It is a systematic work, gathering experience on projects, investment into technological prototypes and teaching other people. Also, a lot of time spent on technical meetups, conferences and workshops, monitoring trends, writing blogs and much more. What we do is what we want to be the best at.

Behind every topic or product in our company, you can find a real person who develops and enhances it. Sometimes there is one, sometimes there are more, but each of them are a guarantee that the client will receive from us the exact help they need. Check out a few of them:

Tomáš Hanus

Tomáš Hanus

IT Architect, Team Leader

I am responsible for delivering microservice architecture for large projects from conceptual design to code. This gave me the experience that only practice can provide.

As a technology leader in OpenWise’s Microservice Architecture, I can assist businesses that are just starting out in this area.

Karel Krema

Karel Krema

Product Owner

As the product owner of the WisePorter product catalogue, I am responsible for its design, model and technical design for developers.

I am glad I can do the design the way I am confident it’s going to work.

Radek Čermák

Radek Čermák

Team Leader

I am in charge of managing development teams. For our projects I also design the system architecture.

I’m glad I can combine work with people and programming. Working with people inspires me, but I still enjoy programming at the same time.

Karel Kovářík

Karel Kovářík

Developer, IT Architect

I’m the main developer of the OpenHub integration platform. I address both the development of OpenHub and its utilization in projects.

I enjoy watching how the tool I’ve created is being used, and enhance it accordingly.

Petr Jůza

Petr Jůza

Founder of TechBlog

I wrote my blog about programming a long time ago, but it was put on hold. Then I found out there are so many interesting things going on in our company that it would be a shame not to share it.

TechBlog features articles on new technologies, development experiences and thoughts on programming. I would be glad if you found inspiration in them.



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We regularly organise various professional events and meetings on topics of interest to us. We invite and learn from experts from companies that are technologically at the cutting edge. Some events are mainly for people from OpenWise, but many events are public. Follow our calendar and let us know if you are interested in a topic.

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