Ataccama ONE

About Ataccama

Ataccama is a Czech-Canadian provider of self-driving data management and governance solutions. Ataccama is delivering a next-generation, unified platform Ataccama ONE for automated data quality, MDM, and data governance.


Ataccama released a new version of its platform – Ataccama ONE Gen2. This unified solution enables unparalleled automation through an AI-powered self-driving capability. It removes the limitations of monotonous, time-intensive tasks while providing improved agility that businesses require to drive innovation, enhanced trust and security to ensure data governance, and more flexibility in where data resides including support for cloud and on-premises environments.


Elasticsearch is a secondary data storage used for searching with proper relevancy corresponding to a business data type. Besides prioritizing some data from the search perspective it solves advanced methods as facet filtering, autocomplete or providing information to a user showing why a given record is part of the search result.

One of the biggest challenges of these solutions is the necessary data synchronization between the primary storage and Elasticsearch. A well-performing system cannot be expected without eventual consistency. The solution includes scaling and correctional or repair mechanisms that capture possible inconsistencies and inform transparently to the user by using metrics that are used to monitor the entire process.

What does our customer say about our cooperation?

“We have started cooperation with the company OpenWise Solutions at the beginning of 2021. Our company was looking for a team with experience in Elasticsearch to help us with a plan of Elasticsearch integration into our product for full-text search needs.

The OpenWise team handled/managed its role very well and above expectations. Thanks to this, our cooperation moved to other areas of our development – performance optimization and stabilization of some components of our product, migrating to microservices and cloud-native architecture.” says Roman Pichlík, Vice President Of Engineering at Ataccama.