About BSC

BSC has been providing solutions to financial institutions since its foundation in 1990. It is one of the leaders in the development and delivery of SW solutions for financial institutions. In the area of ​​FrontOffice systems, it has great success in Europe and Asia with myGEMINI banking multi-channel solution, in the field of mandatory reporting it has built a dominant position on the home market with myBI product line solutions. These are mainly products and interfaces for the MIDAS banking system, connection to payment systems and payment card management systems.


About the project

In 2018, Banking Software Company launched a new Internet and mobile banking project for one of the leading banks in Georgia – both for the retail and corporate sectors. The project targets a state-of-the-art user experience with an emphasis on security and reliability.

Framework OpenHub is used as a core of integration component, which is a part of overall solution using platform myGEMINI. The component is deployed on JBoss EAP 7.1 application server and uses Oracle 12c DB.

The component covers three main areas:

  • Communication via synchronous online services with banking systems.
  • Offline services for asynchronous message exchange and data synchronization between myGEMINI and banking systems.
  • Integration and orchestration of communication between the components of the supplied solution on the myGEMINI platform, which consists of multi-components with elements of microservice architecture.

Our role in the project

OpenWise Solutions Ltd. performs the analysis and design of individual integration scenarios, consultations on selection of technologies and integration patterns, implementation of core parts of the new integration component, including preparation of individual connectors for integration (REST, SOAP, JMS), creation of developer best practices and instructions for further development of the integration component.

What does our customer say about our cooperation?

“OpenHub meets the high demands of the bank’s enterprise environment to connect banking systems with our myGEMINI solution. Asynchronous messaging support and Apache Camel basics are the core features of BSC solutions.

We have confirmed our satisfaction with OpenWise during our last project for the Georgian VTB bank,” adds Petr Štěpánek, Head