Freelo Elasticsearch

Freelo is an online application for easy organization of teamwork. Thanks to Freelo, the whole company knows what to do. It is the most recommended Czech tool for work communication.

About the project

The main goal of the project was to integrate a new service for full-text search in Freelo app that respects the user’s chosen language. The common denominator was the intention to increase the relevance of the search and the loading speed. The technical goal was to integrate Elastic technology into Freelo’s technology stack.

Our role in the project

For the needs of the project, Freelo was looking for experts with experience in Elastic technology. Our team was responsible for the solution design and partial implementation of the application’s search services.

The solution

We prepared the design of the data structure in Elastic and implemented the basic constructs (search template and quick search template for the autocomplete, which searches as the search term is typed). We also helped with the design of synchronizing data from the primary repository in PostreSQL to Elastic, which is one of the biggest challenges of these solutions – having consistent, reliable and up-to-date data, including fast enough user response. As part of our solution, we also tuned search engine scoring.

What does our customer say about our cooperation?

“Thanks to our cooperation with OpenWise Solutions, we avoided the various missteps that would have certainly been expected during the project. We appreciate their expertise and we are currently preparing to continue the project by focusing on performance and scaling” says Karel Dytrych, CEO of Freelo.